True Partners

The Truenordic team starts with our True Partners. They make Truenordic what it is. They are the relationship link helping our customers choose what is truly best for them. Without them there would be no Truenordic. To support our True Partners we have a corporate team dedicated to working with experts to deliver world class products and to supporting our True Partners and of course our customers. Our culture is truly one where we put people first. We are building a diverse, multi-skilled company where caring and equality are self-evident. We love to see others learn, grow, develop and succeed.

Truenordic AB has been crowd-funded by people like you. In 2017 we re-launched the brand with the support of nearly 100 like-minded people who also want to see high quality nutritional supplements make a difference to people’s lives. If you feel passionate about this cause and are interested in supporting a business which encourages people to enjoy what is truly best for them then we would love to hear from you.

Management Team & Board of Directors

Janne Heimonen, CEO

Helsingborg, Sweden

Janne Heimonen is of Finnish origin but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been involved in all areas of direct selling in international companies since 1994. His previous roles include Managing Director for Europe and President of International markets for US based companies. Janne has also extensive experience from and passion for working with premium food supplements.

As a CEO, Janne’s responsibility is daily management of Truenordic. This includes overall development of the corporate infrastructure and putting together a team to support the company’s True Partners and customers. He loves putting together diverse and dedicated teams working towards a common goal. Janne sees a unique position for Truenordic in the global marketplace and is truly dedicated to make it happen

Harriet Endean, Brand & Project Manager

Helsingborg, Sweden

Harriet Endean is British with a close tie to the Nordic region since first moving to Sweden in 2011. She has a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen and almost 10 years experience with international management, marketing and communications.

Harriet is focused on Truenordic’s concept development, branding and international communication.

Passionate about a “food as medicine” philosophy and the importance of individuals taking a preventative, personalised approach to health, Harriet is keen to empower others to discover what is right for them. How we develop the brand is fueled by the feedback we receive from our customers and the measurable results they receive from the products.

With many years of experience building strong International Marketing teams within the Direct Selling industry in Europe, Harriet thrives on seeing others develop and grow.

Anders Petersen, Chairman

Klitmøller, Denmark

Anders has formulated and launched some of Denmark’s leading food supplements. They are currently sold in more than 600 stores across Scandinavia. He is a product specialist and has worked in the wellness industry for more than fifteen years.

For the past ten years, he has also run care homes for teenage boys. Anders has direct selling experience from the last ten years and established Truenordic five years ago, building it part time, while keeping his day job with the care homes. He maintains this commitment to the care homes, while shifting more focus to Truenordic with the relaunch of Truenordic. Where he gets the energy? Maybe it’s the surfing. Maybe his secret is in his products.

On top of his role as a Chairman, Anders runs Truenordic strategy together with Janne and is particularly involved in the company’s product development and sales strategy. Anders spends most of his time in Truenordic developing new ideas and communicating with and meeting with and sharing ideas and insights with True Partners and customers.


Company details

Truenordic AB

Kullagatan 6

252 20 Helsingborg, Sweden