Our Team

The Truenordic team starts with our True Partners. They make Truenordic what it is. They are the relationship link between people who have made choice of what is truly best for them. Without them there would be no Truenordic. To support our True Partners we have a corporate team of people with the objective to make the lives easier for our Partners. We are creating a culture where we put people first. We build a diverse company where equality is self-evident. We love to see others learn, grow, develop and succeed.

Management Team

Janne Heimonen, CEO

Helsingborg, Sweden

As a CEO, Janne’s responsibility is daily management of Truenordic. This includes overall development of the corporate infrastructure and putting together a team to support the company’s True Partners and customers. He is loves putting together diverse and dedicated teams working towards a common goal. Janne sees a unique position for Truenordic in the global marketplace and is truly dedicated to make it happen

Anders Petersen, Chairman

Klitmøller, Denmark

On top of his role as a Chairman, Anders runs Truenordic strategy together with Janne and is particularly involved in the company’s product development and sales strategy. Anders spends most of his time in Truenordic developing new ideas and communicating with and meeting with and sharing ideas and insights with True Partners and customers.


Harriet Endean, Brand & Communications

Helsingborg, Sweden

Harriet Endean provides the Board with a focus on consumer trends, social media and communications. She has a degree in Social Anthropology and a background in retail and PR as well as direct selling experience from two international companies as a Marketing Manager for Europe. She is currently engaged as a Director and shareholder in a company distributing advanced veterinary products.

Charlotte Berner, Administrative Support

Ebeltoft, Denmark

Donna Russell, Systems & Events Manager

Milton Keynes, UK

Donna Russell has been involved with direct selling since 1999, in all areas of general admin but especially events, marketing and systems. She is a highly capable and extremely organized manager with a productivity level that is hard to match. Donna looks after our Backoffice system and related interfaces as well as the company’s events, thanks to her many years of experience also in successful events management.

Mike Clenshaw, VP Supply Chain

Cambridge, UK

With a Master’s degree in Food Engineering, Mike has spent his entire career in the food, drink and supplement industries. Mike joined Nutri Pharma in Oslo in the early 2000s to develop their weight management and heart health products looking for new markets for Nutrilett. This included launching products through direct selling, which is how he got to know Janne Heimonen. Mike looks after all aspects of products getting from raw material to the customer.

Board of Directors

Anders Petersen


Anders has formulated and launched some of Denmark’s leading food supplements. They are currently sold in more than 600 stores across Scandinavia. He is a product specialist and has worked in the wellness industry for more than fifteen years.

For the past ten years, he has also run care homes for teenage boys. Anders has direct selling experience from the last ten years and established Truenordic five years ago, building it part time, while keeping his day job with the care homes. He maintains this commitment to the care homes, while shifting more focus to Truenordic with the relaunch of Truenordic. Where he gets the energy? Maybe it’s the surfing. Maybe his secret is in his products.

Janne Heimonen


Janne Heimonen is of Finnish origin but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been involved in all areas of direct selling in international companies since 1994. His previous roles include Managing Director for Europe and President of International markets for US based companies. Janne has also extensive experience from and passion for working with premium food supplements.

Claus Kalmar Jacobsen

Board member

Claus Jacobsen provides the Board with additional experience from running large operations.  He was formerly the Managing Director of Telia in Denmark and founded the telecom company Song Networks which was later sold. Claus has a Board level responsibility within budgeting, finance and agreements.

Company details

Truenordic AB

Kullagatan 6

252 20 Helsingborg, Sweden

Email: info@truenordic.com