Summer is here and we want to say thank you

Summer is here! Whether it is rain or shine choose true vita™ to support your true vitality all summer long   We want to say thank you Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received regarding OsteoDenx® for bone and joint health. After introducing the product in May, it is truly fantastic to hear that so many customers are already noticing a difference. OsteoDenx was formulated to support bone and joint health. It contains lactoferrin plus vitamins D and K, manganese, folate for healthy cell duplication, and copper and selenium to protect cells from oxidative stress. When bones and joints […]

Get the True Vitality Check

We hope that you are keeping warm! We want to invite you to join us in improving our healthy habits in March! 🍏 Here’s how it works: Download and print the True Vitality Check sheet here: ✍️ Complete it every day for two weeks. Use the first two pages and write in longhand. Or, if you are a “chart person” – hello chart people 😀 – use the chart on page three. 💭 After a two weeks, or sooner, have a look at what you’ve recorded on your sheet and pick one or two things that you would like to […]

New for 2018… Benefit from our loyal customer programme

As a loyal customer with each Truenordic product you purchase you can accumulate qualifying points (QP) which qualify you for gifts and special offers. 300 QP – a special gift 700 QP – a special offer 1200 QP – an added bonus plus a special gift 2000 QP – exclusive offers and a special reward Your points will accumulate over an 18 month rolling period and we will keep you informed when you reach a new level. You will reach the true bronze status once you have 300 qualifying points. From 2018 you will also benefit from a discount on […]

Introducing the true core support pack

We heard that Santa might need this one! The true core™ support pack gives your heart all the extra support it needs to feel its best during the Christmas holidays and all the way into the new year. You will receive one box of true core™, our patented heart health supplement, and one box of true vita™, made from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals in a patented formulation designed to be the best possible daily nutritional supplement you can find. This is the best value way to buy true core™ and true vita™ together – and just in time to […]

Lactoferrin – a quick introduction

You may not have heard of lactoferrin yet so allow me to introduce you… The name lactoferrin comes from milk “Lacto-” plus iron “-ferrin”. It is an iron binding protein and it was first noticed in milk, both human milk and cows’ milk in the 1930s and it was first studied in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1960. It was observed transporting iron to human cells and controlling the levels of iron present in the blood. Iron is important for oxygen transportation in the body, cognitive function, maintaining energy levels and supporting the immune system. So the role of lactoferrin was immediately […]

Choose what is truly best for you this weekend…

Each product has been designed by an expert in their field, so you will always receive something of the highest quality that will help you feel your best. This weekend choose something that is truly good for you. true omega essential omega 3 rich fish oil with camelina true cocora organic dark chocolate with olive extract true vita for men essential vitamins & minerals with plant extracts for men true vita for women essential vitamins & minerals with plant extracts for women true vitality pack for men true vita for men true omega true vitality pack for women true vita […]

Vitamin D is a must-buy for autumn and winter in the Nordics

Follow us on Facebook to read more about Vitamin D. Vitamin D is included in true vita™ for men, true vita™ for women, and a key ingredient in Alpha. Visit the shop Buy true core™. Receive two for one in October. true core™ has been designed with your heart health in mind. It contains astaxanthin, resveratrol, lactoferrin, CoQ10, copper, and more… for a healthy heart for stamina and physical performance for effective CoQ10 delivery to your heart for cellular level support for your heart and cardiovascular system true core™ is a premium Nordic nutritional supplement which is based on research carried out in the Nordic region. It contains […]

Introducing true cocora™ – Organic dark chocolate that is truly good for you. 

  Dive into a delicious bar of 70% organic dark chocolate with olive extract and know that it is truly good for you. We want you to enjoy making healthy choices and although everyone knows that 70% dark chocolate can be good for you, we wanted your true cocora experience to be better than any other, both in terms of pleasure, and in terms of health. The inclusion of olive extract in true cocora makes it extra creamy. You will have to try it to see what we mean. Plus each bar of true cocora 70% contains 35 mg of olive oil polyphenols which help your blood stay healthy […]

Autumn is all about vitamin D…

While autumn is a rich, transformative time of year, it is also a time when we need to pay extra attention to our health, our immune systems and think about how we can maintain the healthy effects of summer’s busy activities and the time we’ve spent outside. From early Autumn to the end of spring it’s common that we get smaller amounts of daylight than during the summer months and if you ask advice from most nutritionists in the nordic region one of the first things they are likely mention during this period is vitamin D. Your body naturally creates […]

Make the most of summer… with the true vitality pack by Truenordic

Take our delicious true omega™ oil for the ultimate in enjoyable omega 3s for your brain, eyes, heart and taste-buds, and true vita™for the very best base of essential vitamins minerals and plant extracts for your total vitality, healthy nervous system, immune system, skin, hair, hormonal activity… the list goes on! Visit the shop. Create your subscription. Buy the true vitality pack on subscription and save time and money when you receive your automatic monthly delivery to your door or local pick-up point. Staying healthy and enjoying a carefree summer has never been so easy! Log-in and click on AUTOSHIP in the top menu bar to set […]