Summer is here and we want to say thank you

Summer is here! Whether it is rain or shine choose true vita™ to support your true vitality all summer long   We want to say thank you Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received regarding OsteoDenx® for bone and joint health. After introducing the product in May, it is truly fantastic to hear that so many customers are already noticing a difference. OsteoDenx was formulated to support bone and joint health. It contains lactoferrin plus vitamins D and K, manganese, folate for healthy cell duplication, and copper and selenium to protect cells from oxidative stress. When bones and joints […]

Get the True Vitality Check

We hope that you are keeping warm! We want to invite you to join us in improving our healthy habits in March! 🍏 Here’s how it works: Download and print the True Vitality Check sheet here: ✍️ Complete it every day for two weeks. Use the first two pages and write in longhand. Or, if you are a “chart person” – hello chart people 😀 – use the chart on page three. 💭 After a two weeks, or sooner, have a look at what you’ve recorded on your sheet and pick one or two things that you would like to […]

New for 2018… Benefit from our loyal customer programme

As a loyal customer with each Truenordic product you purchase you can accumulate qualifying points (QP) which qualify you for gifts and special offers. 300 QP – a special gift 700 QP – a special offer 1200 QP – an added bonus plus a special gift 2000 QP – exclusive offers and a special reward Your points will accumulate over an 18 month rolling period and we will keep you informed when you reach a new level. You will reach the true bronze status once you have 300 qualifying points. From 2018 you will also benefit from a discount on […]