Collaboration with Malmö Chokladfabrik

The dialogue with Malmö Chokladfabrik began over two years ago when we started looking for a Nordic manufacturer to collaborate with to develop true cocora. Malmö Chokladfabrik is one of Europe’s oldest chocolate factories and some of their recipes date back to 1888. They are fanatical when it comes to quality, and so are we, which makes this collaboration a great match. Malmö Chokladfabrik believes that people feel best when they are living their dreams and have been proud of their corporate social responsibility programmes since the late 1800’s when Mazetti first started producing chocolate in their old factory in Sweden. […]

Crowdfunding the new Nordic alternative

When the Founder of Truenordic Anders Petersen and prospective CEO, Janne Heimonen, decided to work together, they needed first to find a way to raise capital to relaunch the company. Truenordic was originally founded in Denmark in 2011 and developed with modest investment, being mostly self-funded from sales for the first five years. Satisfied customers appreciated the dedication to unique formulas and quality that marks the passion of Truenordic founder Anders Petersen. That commitment and a philosophy of “the truth is always good enough” had been what had kept Truenordic moving forward. But a good thing needs to grow and […]

Four new products, exclusive to Truenordic, now available

Discover four new Truenordic products. Our new products are now available in our web shop*. A new generation of fish oil, true omega™, brings you the freshest fish oil on the market combined with an excellent plant based oil from Norwegian Camelina. The new version of VITA is now called true vita™ and comes in different versions for men and women. The new true vita™ is protected with two US patents and features Vita-PORTIN technology to enhance nutrient delivery. true core™ is our amazing new heart health formula, with six US patents. This product is the first of its kind in […]

Truly Nordic brand development

With a Founder in Denmark, CEO in Sweden and production in Norway, Truenordic took another step in establishing a Nordic footprint by entering a long-term co-operation with a Finnish brand developer.  Ilmo Valtonen has been central in the development of the new Truenordic brand, its identity and design of logotypes, product packaging, web site and more. Great care went into looking at the brand from a global perspective from day one, and in selecting a dynamic colour landscape which communicates energy even in the simplest of designs.  “To communicate the heart and soul of a company in a simple graphic is truly an art. […]

Fresh from the pelagic zone

Truenordic is deeply connected with the sea. Our Founder Anders Petersen lives in ”Cold Hawaii” on the Danish west coast where you find some of the best surfing in the world. It’s cold, but he loves it. Our CEO Janne Heimonen grew up sailing (well, his father sailed while Janne read books) the Stockholm archipelago during summers. Janne now lives in Helsingborg on the Swedish west coast where his morning run is by the sea with Denmark just across the water. We share this love of the sea with many of our customers and Partners. Some of us love the rough, wild conditions and the big waves. Others prefer a calm breeze on a warm beach. There […]