Mar 02

Get the True Vitality Check

We hope that you are keeping warm!

We want to invite you to join us in improving our healthy habits in March! ?

Here’s how it works:
Download and print the True Vitality Check sheet here:

✍️ Complete it every day for two weeks.
Use the first two pages and write in longhand.
Or, if you are a “chart person” – hello chart people ? – use the chart on page three.

? After a two weeks, or sooner, have a look at what you’ve recorded on your sheet and pick one or two things that you would like to improve over the next three weeks.
?‍♀️Together with a friend select one or two healthy habits that you can adopt and stick to for the following three weeks.
? Share your healthy habits with the True Health – True Results group!

? Every day for the next three weeks keep up your healthy habits, support your friend, and keep completing your True Vitality Check sheet.
?  At the end of March we will check in together and review how we’ve got on. And see who has found a new healthy habit they love, just in time for spring!

? If you want to save trees and don’t want to print the check sheet then here’s the perfect alternative just for you! Set a reminder on your phone and at the same time every day answer the following:

1️⃣ How well did I sleep?
2️⃣ What are my energy levels like?
3️⃣ How does my body feel?
4️⃣ Am I moving enough?