Become a True Partner and promote premium Nordic supplements

You are invited to discover Truenordic

If you like what you see and decide to become a True Partner, you get the right to promote some of the most advanced health products in the world.

Whether you like person-to-person demonstrations, building a team or working from home with online marketing, you can profit from True Earnings.


  • A truly Nordic company
  • Direct selling of premium food supplements
  • Experienced management team
  • Modern IT systems built in Europe
  • Global expansion plan
  • We put people first and focus on doing things right

Premium Nordic Supplements

  • As a True Partner you represent unique, advanced food supplements
  • Our products are ONLY available via True Partners
  • Product development in co-operation with leading scientists
  • World-leading technology with several patented formulations
  • Strong pipeline of future products

New technology often spreads from person to person. Direct selling is an effective method to bring new solutions to consumers in a viral or networked way, since social selling manages to break through the ”noise” in the market place.

One of the advantages of direct selling or social selling is the “observation effect”.

What is it and how does it benefit you when you build your Truenordic business?


As a True Partner you earn between 15 – 40 % Retail Profit based on your customers’ purchases.


Build a team of True Partners and earn Team Building Bonuses, Leadership Bonuses and participate in profit sharing pools to earn a percentage of the company’s global sales.

Click here for a summary of the entire compensation plan or here for a detailed description.

How to Work

You are free to build your Truenordic business the way you want. Arrange events, talk to people one-on-one, use our online tools, send video links and documents, or build using social media or blogging.

What defines Truenordic’s culture and support for True Partners?

More about how to promote Truenordic using a combination of social selling and affiliate marketing. Using your two key lists; your name list and your link list. Our marketing strategy in two easy steps!

To register as a True Partner costs 100 EUR excl VAT as a one-time fee. We have no monthly fees for using our online tools, back office or personal web site. We have no annual renewal fees. The only activity requirement to maintain a True Partner position is 200 PQP in any nine-month rolling period. That’s only five or six products between you and your customers. Team bonus qualifications require a minimum of 100 PQP – which can all come from your customers. There are no personal purchase requirements to earn Retail Profit on your customers.