Feb 07

New for 2018… Benefit from our loyal customer programme

As a loyal customer with each Truenordic product you purchase you can accumulate qualifying points (QP) which qualify you for gifts and special offers.

300 QP
– a special gift

700 QP
– a special offer

1200 QP
– an added bonus plus a special gift

2000 QP
– exclusive offers and a special reward

Your points will accumulate over an 18 month rolling period and we will keep you informed when you reach a new level.
You will reach the true bronze status once you have 300 qualifying points.
From 2018 you will also benefit from a discount on your monthly subscription. If you already have a monthly subscription then your discount has automatically been applied.

If you don’t have a subscription then it’s easy to set up. Just log into your account and go to Subscriptions / Create a subscription.
We are so happy to have you as a Truenordic customer and hope that you continue to enjoy and share our products.

We’re here for you any time.
You can always contact us at support@truenordic.com