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On the next page you’ll be guided through the process of creating a Truenordic account and will become a True Partner with Truenordic. You will become a part of helping individuals make the best choices when it comes to their health.

As a True Partner you will be rewarded for sharing the products with your customers and building your team. As your customer base grows you will notice that you are making even more from each individual sale.

When you register you will pay a one-off registration fee which allows you to participate in the True Partner programme.

As you build your True Team the rewards just keep growing and we’ll support you with tools and training along the way.

This is all about becoming part of a company that values YOU just as you are, and rewards you for caring and sharing the very best, exclusive, premium, nordic supplements with others and helping them make the best health choices.

You will have ongoing access to manage your business in the True Partner portal and you will get 15-40% discount on our products, including 15% up front and up to 25% in additional retail profit commissions.

As well as that you’ll be emailed with details of special offers and promotions which will allow you to earn even more.

  • You will become a True Partner for one of the leading nordic companies in nutritional supplements and wearable technology
  • You will help those around you make the best decisions for them selves when it comes to their own health.
  • You will benefit from Truenordic True Earnings plan as well as tools and training.
  • Your rank as a True Partner and your earnings will increase as you grow your business and customer base.
  • You are free to choose which products you would like to receive as part of your first order.
  • You will pay a 45 GBP, 50 EUR, 385 DKK, 500 NOK, 500 SEK one time registration fee (incl. VAT) which covers the lifetime the cost of your True Partner membership giving you:
    • access to the True Partner Portal where you manage your business and the referral links you will use to grow your business if you choose to work online.
    • a welcome pack with brochures
    • your first Nordic Circle training event
  • You are agreeing to abide by the True Partner terms.

How to choose products for your first order

We haven’t included any products as a default with the registration fee because we want you to choose the products that best suit your business style.

On the sign up page you’ll see that your registration fee has already been added to your basket. All you need to do next is have a look at the list of products and add the ones that you would most like to try and have ready to share during your first few weeks as a Truenordic partner.

We want you to be fully prepared to start earning as soon as you receive your Truenordic products.

If you’re not sure what to choose then use these guidelines to select which products to add to your first order, and make sure you have at least a couple of spares on hand which you can share with others.
  • The True 700 QP pack contains three of each of true vita for women, true vita for men, six true core, six true omega and two true cocora (10) so you have plenty to try and share. The pack signs you up to be one of the first to receive the new true pulse health band when it launches. (IN THE UK, PACK ONLY AVAILABLE 7 DAYS AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED)
For your first order:
  • Add the products that you would like to try yourself.
  • Add the products that you would like the other people in your household to try.
  • Add the products that you would like have available to share when talking to your first potential customers.