Jun 26

Summer is here and we want to say thank you

Summer is here!

Whether it is rain or shine choose true vita™ to support your true vitality all summer long


We want to say thank you

Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received regarding OsteoDenx® for bone and joint health.

After introducing the product in May, it is truly fantastic to hear that so many customers are already noticing a difference.

OsteoDenx was formulated to support bone and joint health. It contains lactoferrin plus vitamins D and K, manganese, folate for healthy cell duplication, and copper and selenium to protect cells from oxidative stress.

When bones and joints are under stress they need more of certain nutrients such as manganese which supports connective tissue, and vitamin D3 and vitamin K which support healthy bones.

These are normally contained in moderate quantities within a healthy and balanced diet, but, if you are suffering from discomfort then ensuring you’re getting enough is especially important. By supplementing your diet with OsteoDenx which contains these extra nutrients in a bio-available form you’re providing your body with more of what it needs to help keep you healthy and strong.

We’re thrilled to hear your feedback. Please do continue to spread the word about this fantastic product.

Now available in the Truenordic shop.


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