About Truenordic AB

We’re a nutritional supplement company run by people like you, for people like you. What differentiates us? Quite simply, it is the quality of our products. The result: a loyal customer base who notice the difference when they take our supplements.

Whether you’re taking a supplement to help you cope with a stressful lifestyle, or help you perform at your best. You can trust the true products that Truenordic provides.

We’re based in Helsingborg, Sweden a town known for its proximity to nature and great work-life balance. We’re inspired by having the sea on our doorstep and the forest in our back yard.

Having close contact with the natural world inspires us to be true to our environment. To live sustainably. But also to make use of the resources nature offers to us. Our products include wild arctic fish, are wonderful source of omega three fatty acids, and berries which turn our mouths blue while they nourish us from the inside with antioxidants and polyphenols.

We supply supplements to customers throughout Europe and our unique and patent protected products are formulated in collaboration with leading marine biologists, medical microbiologists and immunologists.

Welcome to the true heart of the nordic region. Welcome to Truenordic.

Truenordic AB
Kullagatan 6
252 20 Helsingborg
Email: info@truenordic.com