true core™

Our hearts need active cells, an even heartbeat and a continuous supply of energy for optimal function. Exercise and relaxation are both important parts of our lives and heart health. There are also nutrients that help with the maintenance of normal heart function. You can make taking those nutrients part of your daily routine.

true core™ is produced in Norway and protected with six US patents. It contains elements, such as vitamin B1, that contribute to the normal function of the heart. The patented technology in the formula centers around nutrient delivery on the body’s own terms.

Nutrient delivery – six US Patents

What makes true core different, aside from the impressive list of ingredients, is its patent protected system for nutrient delivery. Lactoferrin, a protein that can be sourced from cow’s milk, is a multi-functional substance present in all body liquids. Our cells have receptors for lactoferrin which means that certain forms of lactoferrin can be utilised to perform target delivery of nutrients. The particular use of lactoferrin that we utilise in true core was charted and patented by A.S Narain Naidu, a world-leading scientist, who is also behind the formulations of true vita for men and true vita for women. These three products are only available from Truenordic.

true core – heart health and more

true core™ contains essential vitamins together with minerals, fatty acids and plant extracts. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and the fatty acids EPA och DHA* from krill oil contribute to the maintenance of normal heart function. To contribute to normal metabolism of those fatty acids, true core contains zinc.

The vitamin C in true core, among its many functions, also contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels. Protection of your heart cells from oxidative stress is also very important. Vitamin C together with zinc, copper and manganese all contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

This complex formula also contains an array of premium ingredients such as astaxanthin from micro algae, resveratrol, L-Cysteine and a pulp extract from cantaloupe melons grown in south of France.

Add true core to your daily regimen, preferably as a complement to true vita. It’s a way to choose what is truly best for you.

*The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA and EPA. We recommend our fish oil true omega™ for additional EPA and DHA.


Customer experiences

”I have been taking Truenordic products since October 2013. I started with vita and omega and it didn’t take long before I noticed how great they are. By December I was feeling a clear difference. A few more months went by and I was appreciating the Truenordic products even more. I feel great, I have lots of energy. I’ll never stop taking Truenordic products, that’s for sure!”


Else Dal JensenDenmark
”I started using Truenordic products in January 2013. My first product was vita and lo and behold – after three months I noticed a tremendous increase in energy and my overall well-being. I just feel great now and I know that I have a lot to thank the Truenordic products for and I will definitely keep taking them.”                                                                


Conni Jensen Denmark