Contains 13 vitamins and 7 minerals

true vita for men™

true vita for men is a novel vitamin-mineral formula for men, designed to work effectively in tandem with human physiology. It provides a broad spectrum of nutrients from a variety of natural sources. The ingredients are combined with their co-factors and the formula is enhanced with the patent protected Vita-PORTIN® technology.

What makes true vita™ so unique?

What sets true vita™ apart from any other multivitamin is Vita-PORTIN®. This compound makes it possible to formulate a product with physiologically appropriate doses of active ingredients. Simply put, true vita provides maximum benefit without the need to overdose particular ingredients, thus avoiding unnecessary strain on liver and kidneys while optimising the nutrient benefits.

Vita-PORTIN® is a blend based on the milk protein lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a multi-functional substance present in all body liquids and the body has receptors for lactoferrin that can be utilised to form target delivery of nutrients. This particular use of lactoferrin was charted and patented by A.S Narain Naidu, a world-leading scientists and formulator of true vita. true vita for men™ is only available from Truenordic.

Daily nutritional foundation for men

true vita for men™ contains 13 vitamins and 7 minerals optimised for daily intake and designed to work beautifully together with all other Truenordic products. Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C and minerals magnesium and pantothenic acid all contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Pantothenic acid also contributes to normal mental performance, to help you stay sharp all day.  Vitamins A, B6, B12 and the minerals selenium and copper contribute to the normal function of the immune system while magnesium and calcium contribute to normal muscle function.

true vita for men™ also with its content of B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C as well as magnesium, pantothenic acid, copper and calcium contribute to your body’s normal energy yielding mechanism.  The selenium content in true vita for men also contributes to normal production of sperm and normal function of the thyroid gland.

true vita for men™ is an exceptional product and there are many reasons to make it the foundation of your daily nutritional regimen. But the best way to see what it can do is to try the product for yourself.


Customer experiences

”I have been taking Truenordic products since October 2013. I started with vita and omega and it didn’t take long before I noticed how great they are. By December I was feeling a clear difference. A few more months went by and I was appreciating the Truenordic products even more. I feel great, I have lots of energy. I’ll never stop taking Truenordic products, that’s for sure!”
Else Dal JensenDenmark
I started taking Truenordic products daily approximately 4 years ago. After two months, I was a bit shocked. I had some skin problems that I had been struggling with for years, and they were just gone. I decided to keep using the products until one day I put them to the test. I stopped to see if I could save the monthly expense.  But it only took me two weeks to realize it was a mistake to give them up. I was feeling so much better when I was using the products. So I started again and simply made the cost a part of my monthly budget.
Jørgen NielsenDenmark