Omega 3s from Norway’s seas and fields.

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Organic dark chocolate with olive extract.

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Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts for women.

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Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts for men.

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True You

Be you. And be a little selfish. We don’t think you should compromise when it comes to the most important things in life. Invest in your health and what is truly best for you.

Being ”true” is at the heart of everything Truenordic. We put our utmost into providing world-leading products that make a difference.

But it starts with you and your personal commitment to make every day matter. Make your well-being a priority. You have the right to be selfish and choose what is truly best for you.

Sharing & Caring

We strongly believe in sharing and caring as a way of life. We treasure a natural and healthy way of life and stand for equality and an inclusive culture and always put people first.

Every day is an opportunity to impact others and to help someone else have a better day. Your care and attention has a profound influence. It can literally change a life.

Truenordic embraces a new form of direct selling allowing our products to be sold both offline and online. You will only be able our products via one of our fantastic true partners. True partners add a personal touch by recommending products that they have tried and tested themselves. If you love our products as much as we do, why don’t you join us? It is a form of sharing and caring that truly makes a difference to you and to others. Learn more about our true partner programme.

Discover Premium Nordic Supplements

If only the best is good enough for you, then you have come to the right place.

You will not find any of the Truenordic products anywhere else. Whether it is targeted nutrition for heart health, the freshest fish oil in the world or the most delicious polyphenol-rich chocolate on the market – we have just what you need.

Make a selfish choice and become a true customer by creating your own customer account with Truenordic. You will benefit by receiving loyal customer rewards and a 30 day money back guarantee.

We promise to always deliver what we believe are the best food supplements available.

A True Story

Truenordic was founded in 2011 in Klitmøller, Denmark by Anders Petersen. The company moved to Helsingborg, Sweden in 2017 with a new concept but the same determination to provide only what is best for you in a transparent and ethical way.

When you are looking for truly innovative food supplements based on the best natural ingredients you will find them here. The word “true” in our name is a promise to provide Nordic quality, world-leading and highly effective products.

We invite you to get to know us. We will be as true to you as we are to ourselves and our team. Try our products. You’ll find out why they stand in a class of their own.